3 Tips to Unlock the Door to 100% Secure Online Transactions during Lockdown

June 08, 2020

3 Tips to Unlock the Door to 100% Secure Online Transactions during Lockdown

Digital landscape is a strange place.

It can be rewarding or can get you in deep trouble.

Everything depends on how well you know the “Roadmap of Digital Land”.

In the morbid environment today, where the Corona Virus is focused on attacking as many prey as possible, it is a good idea to follow the stay at home policy. In order to contain this pandemic & save lives, the government of India has announced closures of educational institutions.

Advocating a progressive mindset that reflects the ideology– “education must go on, no matter what.” The government officials have asked school administrators to start an online teaching-learning process with the help of an effective learning management system (LMS).

On one hand, where teachers & students are exclusively being trained to carry out online assessments & e-learning activities, it can be quite uncomfortable for parents to get used to online fee payments.

If you’re a parent, you’d surely relate to what I am saying.

This article shares 3 amazing tips that will help parents like you to sail the ship of 100% secure to pay school fees online during the lockdown…

3 Tips to Unlock the Door to 100% Secure Online Transactions during Lockdown

Tip#1: Bid Adieu to Fear of Using Technology & Prepare Yourself Psychologically

“They hacked my credit card details…And that’s how I lost my money in phishing. My advice to you is not to use an online fees management system for paying your kid’s school fees online.”

So, your friend had come across such an incident and by listening to his story, (which I am not saying is untrue), you have developed a fear of e-transactions. You have decided not to use a cashless payment option ever.

Well here you are wrong.

Imagine if someone meets an accident on the road while driving their car, would you not consider traveling by a car ever? Now, its lockdown, but once it gets lifted, would you do the same? Of course not! Then why fear online school fees payment?

Begin slowly.

Get started with researching “what is cashless payment for schools? What are the advantages & disadvantages it carries?”

Tip#2: Contact School Administrator to Explore More

Most parents end up having headaches despite understanding what advantages a school fees management system has to offer. Lack of knowledge & information, and even some myths that market e-payments in bad light drive them back to the same page.

So instead of assuming anything, you must talk to the school administrator. For example, if you are aware that the SSL certificate that makes sure - ‘https://’ protocol on the web portal is mandatory for faster & secure online payments you can write to the management team asking for guidance on the functionalities of the digital payment platform for school. You can even request them to arrange a detailed online demo to understand the security features of the school ERP software.

Tip#3: Track Fees-Related Activities & Keep Distance from Fraudsters

Just like any normal human, you might subconsciously get worried about what you can’t control.

Sadly, regardless of the safety precautions, there are some “over-smart” hackers who might call you asking for OTP, or any card-related info to steal your hard-earned money.

rom fraud calls to fraud messages on personal mobile number…the fraudsters are everywhere. Heck, you even find such incidences in your email box.

When the fake email that pretends to be from “Government” or a reputed “Bank” asks you to share card info for making your e-payment safe, there is a good chance that you will end up replying to it.

So, to track any kind of unusual activity, you must keep a tab on on-going transactions.School management software integrated with an analytics dashboard can help you get a glimpse of daily transaction reports in various formats. Thereby, minimizing the risk of fraud transactions!

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