3 Reasons to Use School Mobile App for Fee Payment

April 17, 2020

3 Reasons to Use School Mobile App for Fee Payment

“Mobile wallets, e-payments, mobile payments…”

I believe there’s hardly any parent who's tapped in 2020 & haven’t got across these terms. Because, just recently, a decade or so, more than a million schools worldwide, have introduced online fee payment apps for cashless transactions. Earlier limited to big players in the education industry, e-payments have grown very fast in the past couple of years.

Despite the super-rapid adoption & implementation of school mobile apps, I often get across statements like,

“I don’t understand how to use it”, or

“It’s only meant for high-profile parents.”

Well, I hear you & to be honest, I felt exactly the same way for a long time. I was just not able to digest this whole new idea of using edTech to pay school fees online. But let me tell you something surprising. Using a school app is ridiculously simple!

From my experience, I am laying out the top 3 reasons why you should start using a school mobile app for fee payments…

1) It’s a Better Option for Users

Corona Virus outbreak across the globe has affected the work processes of schools. Stepping out of the home in such a situation is just like inviting a devil for dinner! The dish to be served in the dinner would be you! I know that’s a bad joke, but honestly guys, the situation is so bad that going out anywhere can maximize the chances of catching the deadly virus. Even when the virus wasn’t here, we still had other priorities like office work. This way or that way, it wasn’t a convenient choice to visit your children’s school for paying their academic fees. With the emergence of online fees management systems, we’ve got the most convenient option to pay their fees at just a few clicks. No need to personally visit the school! Login to the portal & choose a suitable mode of payment – debit/credit/PayPal & pay the amount.

2) Creates a Highly Safe & Secure e-Place

Every single day—no, hour---countless people are falling prey to hackers

“I would love to pay the fees online, but what happens if there’s someone sitting out there to hack my account? Is there any security?” If you’re anything like me, these questions might baffle you, especially in the times when we get fraud calls asking for OTPs & bank details! The way online frauds are being reported, it’s natural to face such fears. However, to answer those questions, I would say that there are many school apps in the market that have built-in security features such as encrypted online payment gateways, cloud security, data backup, and OTP & passwords for payment confirmation. Therefore, there’s absolutely no way that someone would steal your money. All you need to ensure is that no one gets to know your password or OTPs.

3) Seamless Customer Experience

I admit it: I enjoy using the online fee collection & payment software whenever it comes to making payment for my kid’s school. I get timely reminders & emailsfrom the school app. I get e-receipts after every successful or even failed transaction. I get to check my balanceat fingertips. You can say that I am addicted to using it. And this is coming from a person like me, who thought that it wasn’t worth the time. Once I understood its pros, there was no looking back. Speaking frankly, I’m not alone. I’ve spoken to so many parents & heard the same. Who wouldn’t like that their time & efforts are being saved?

To Sum Up

Schools are already leveraging the online fee platforms to make it easier for the parents & their staff members. As edTech evolves, I’m sure there will be so many more compelling reasons to start using online payment & fee collection software.

As a smart parent, are you ready to get started with e-payments? If so, learn the steps to successfully implement fee payment software right away!

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