Which Benefits Does Fee Management Software Carry For Schools & Colleges?

April 17, 2018
Which Benefits Does Fee Management Software Carry For Schools & Colleges?

Come the new academic year and the hectic schedule of the admission process begins. Long queues, those manual receipts, if not then printed on a piece of paper and proper, safe storage of that receipt for the next few years. The process is hectic on the students end and also on the end of the institution. The educational institution then has to maintain a folder, every student’s data and to keep a check on the file. The stationery is utilized along with the time and labor of a good amount of the staff of the institute. The fees is collected for a number of procedures not only admissions, and is a continuous process throughout the year.

In the age where everything is technologically driven, we think whether even this process can be simplified and the answer is 'yes'. From the above, one can easily get the insight of the sufferings and the pain one goes through during the whole process of the admission. And in the era of the applications, there is always a scope of everything that can be done online including collection of the fees. There are a number of software developed for the sole purpose.

Benefits of implementing the fee collection software:

  • Fast payments:

    The payments done online are fast, an e-receipt is generated immediately. Secure gateways are provided to the students on the application which makes the process less chaotic and tiresome and quicker.

  • User-friendly application:

    The application is user-friendly and the screen gives out proper guidance to the user about the next step. It is always about the easy use of the application and hence, not only students but it also makes easy for parents to make the payments.

  • Secure:

    It is a common belief that the online payments are not secure and hence, people usually avoid them. However, it is opposite of the belief. The transactions are secure even in multiuser environment.

  • Management of accounts:

    There are numerous students in the college and hence, every individual student's account is managed. The profiles are created for the students and several payments are managed and tracked, which includes, admission fees, hostel, library and other activities at the educational institution.

  • Flexible:

    The application is flexible and can be customized according to the need of the students. The application collects penalties and gives discounts as per the profile of the student, maintained in the application.

  • Data Backup:

    The fee management software, provides, data backup. This helps the institute to keep a track of the data and also see for the payments made and which are yet to come in. This is not a hectic process and is just a click away.

  • Sending alerts:

    Many a times, intentionally or not, students fail to submit their fees on time. This feature allows push notifications, sending alerts and it does this before the deadlines making the process simple. The application sends, SMS, and E-mails just to ensure every mode of alert is utilized.

Feepayr is an online fee collection platform integrated with multiple payment gateways, banks and digital wallets. This easy to use and hassle-free platform manages fee transactions between the parent and institution online. It can be used at institute’s cash counters, thus schools and colleges can also generate bank challans.

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